Reporting Content Packs

Our powerful Reporting Content Packs allow you to see detailed information about your community and specific users. Take a look at what each content pack displays and how your data is displayed:

Each of these reports are broken up into different pages with each page displaying information relating to the overall theme of the report.

General Report Navigation

Each report will have a set of buttons that allow you to take various actions on reports.

Full Screen

The full screen button allows you to resize a report to take up the full width and height of the display you are currently viewing your reports on


Refresh the data you are currently viewing to get the most up to date information


Print your reports


Many reports will have filters. These filters allow you to pull out exactly what you want to see.

Date Filters

Date filters will allow you to choose Years, Months, or a range of dates in which to view your data


Text Filters

Text filters will allow you to filter on various data points such as: Communities, Assigned Users, Activity Types, Status/Lead Scores and much more.


Clear Filter Selections

A small eraser icon above each filter will allow you to clear the selected options for that filter.


Slice your Data

Our content packs let you click on a set of your data and show a portion of that data in other visualizations on the page. Slicing is another way you can filter your data.

Sorting your Data

Hover over the name of each column and click to sort your data. Numerical values will be sorted in ascending or descending order, columns containing text will be sorted alphabetically.

EnquireLEADS Link

Many reports that display Prospect, Resident, Referral, or Contact information will also contain a link for that profile. Clicking this link will open your web browser and take you directly to the profile in EnquireLEADS.

Conditional Formatting

Your data visualized using a gradient of colors indicating performance

Export your Data

Each visualization of your data can be exported and viewed in Excel. Hover over any visualization, click the 3 dots in the top right, and click Export data.


Hover over graphs and charts to see detailed information about data points in a visualization.

Note: Tooltips are only available on the following charts: Donut graph, Bar graph, Pie chart, and Line charts

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