Report FAQs

Please see below for our report frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact your company superuser. 


1. Why does the Sales Conversion report not match the Activity Summary Report?

The Sales Conversion report is derived off of CREATED date of an activity. The Activity Summary report is derived off of the completed date of an activity.


2. Why does the Move In / Out Report have more or less move ins and/or move outs than the Activity Summary report?

The Move In / Out report tracks move ins and outs off of dates in housing contracts. The Activity Summary reports off of move in and move out activities. When you move someone into a housing contract in EnquireLEADS, it does auto create the move in activity so these two reports should match. If they do not match it could be that someone unchecked the "create activity" box when creating the housing contract OR you recently had a data import which would cause these two counts to be off.


3. Why does the Activity Report not match the Activity Summary report?

The Activity Report sorts based on the DUE date on the activity and the Activity Summary sorts based on the COMPLETED date. Often times, someone may complete an activity early (before the due date) or late (after the due date) so these dates will not match.


4. How do I see what leads do not have a next step activity?

You can use the Lead Score report which will show you the counts and lists of leads that don't have a next step activity.


5. What leads show on the Waitlist and Deposit Report?

Any lead that has a deposit in the transaction section or has the Waitlist ? field selected as "yes" and/or a Waitlist Date will show on this report.


6. How do I print a standard report?

There is an Excel icon on the top of each report near the title. You can export the report to Excel to print or you can access your snipping tool you workstation to take a snipit of the screen with the report you'd like to print.



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