Respite Housing Contracts

Mark a Housing Contract for a Respite stay

  1. Navigate to the profile whose Housing Contract you would like to mark as Respite
  2. Click the Housing Contract button
  3. Click Add New/Existing Residences
  4. Fill out the necessary information for the new resident's Housing Contract, check the box labeled Respite, and click Save
  5. This will now indicate that this Housing Contract is Respite

Transfer a Resident to a Permanent Housing Contract

  1. Navigate to the Resident with the Respite Housing Contract
  2. Click the Residences button
  3. Click Move this Resident
  4. Fill out the Care Type, Available Unit/Apartment, Move-In Date (this date will also be the Move-Out Date for the previous Housing Contract), and a Transfer Reason if necessary. Ensure the Respite? checkbox is unchecked and the Transfer? check box is checked. Click Save.
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