Setting up an Impersonation Account

Creating a user for a service account

  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Office 365 Admin center by clicking the app launcher icon (9 small squares)  in the top left and click Admin.
  3. On the left click Users, then click Active users.
  4. Towards the top of the page, click + Add a user.
  5. Populate the necessary fields and make sure to uncheck the box for Make this user change their password when they first sign in.

Setting up a service account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your Office 365 credentials and you will be taken to the Exchange Admin Center.
  3. Click Permissions, then click admin roles.
  4. Click the plus sign  above the table to create a new Role group.
  5. In the new role group pop up, type in a name in the Name field.
  6. Under the Roles section, click the plus sign .
  7. Select ApplicationImpersonation from the list below DISPLAY NAME, click add ->, then click ok.
  8. Under the Members section, click the plus sign .
  9. Select the user that you created initially as a service account to use with Exchange Sync.
  10. Click add -> and then click ok.

You now have a service account that will impersonate other user's mailboxes that your Administrator can configure with Exchange Sync.

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