Allscripts Integration

The Allscripts integration with Enquire allows you to receive individuals from Allscripts and view them in Enquire.


  1. Reach out to the Enquire Support team at and request the Allscript integration be turned on for your company. In your request, please CC your Allscripts account representative/manager.
  2. Enquire will send the community and field mapping document and the statement of work to activate the Allscripts integration.
  3. Send the completed community and field mapping document to
  4. Enquire will process and finalize the integration setup. Please allow up to 7 business days from the time Enquire receives the completed mapping document for the integration to be activated.
  5. Enquire will confirm once the integration is activated and ready for use.


Once the integration has been setup, individuals will be sent to communities with information filled out.


By default, Allscripts will send individuals with the following fields filled out if values were supplied:

  First Name   Last Name   Middle Name   Date of Birth
  Home Phone   Address   Gender   Marital Status
  Religion   Sending Organization   SSN   Contact First Name
 Contact Address Information   Contact Home Phone   Contact Address Information

Note: Allscripts can pass additional fields outside of the ones named above. If you would like to add additional fields, please include them in your email sent in Setup step 2 and Enquire will work with you and Allscripts to make sure these fields can be mapped accordingly.

Receiving New Individuals

When new individuals are entered into Enquire from Allscripts, they will be treated as a digital lead. This means that they will show in the New Leads box on the dashboard and assigned to the AllScripts Referral user.

 You can read more about digital leads in our Digital Lead Functionality article.

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