Caremerge Integration


Enquire's integration with Caremerge allows you to send individuals from Enquire to Caremerge and qualifying field changes in Enquire will automatically be sent to Caremerge.


Reach out to your contact at Caremerge and request your Company's Client ID and Client Secret, along with a list of PropertyIds for the locations you would like to use with Enquire.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins. Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at for further assistance.


Enquire can send a Prospect/Resident profile to Caremerge with the following fields and their values:

  First Name*   Last Name*   Email   SSN
  Date of Birth*   Gender   Unit Number   Move In Date*
  Move Out Date   Mobile Phone   Home Phone   Fax
  Work Phone   Address Line 1   Address Line 2   City
  State   Country   Postal Code   Care Level**

*required to send the Prospect/Resident to Caremerge.
**If sending Care Level, Caremerge must have the exact same Care Levels (1:1 match) on their side.

Note: The Move In and Move Out dates are from the individual's Housing Contract.

If the Prospect/Resident has a Primary Contact, Enquire can send the following fields and their values for the Primary Contact:

  First Name*   Last Name*   Email   Relationship*
  Home Phone   Mobile Phone   Work Phone   Fax
  Address Line 1   City   State   Country
  Postal Code

*required to send the Primary Contact to Caremerge.

Send an individual to Caremerge

From a profile, click the blue Caremerge button in the upper right.


If the individual is successfully sent to Caremerge, you will see the following message:


If an error occurred when attempting to send an individual, you will see the following message:


Before attempting to send the individual to Caremerge again, make sure that all required fields are filled out for both the Prospect/Resident and Primary Contact and that the Prospect/Resident has a Housing Contract with a valid Move In Date.

Field Updates sent to Caremerge

After sending an individual to Caremerge, if any of the fields available to sync are updated in Enquire, the update will be sent to Caremerge. For example, if the mobile phone number changes for the Prospect/Resident or Primary Contact in Enquire, the updated phone number will be sent to Caremerge.

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