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New Features Update: Required Referral Sources, Quick Add Required Fields, and Community Form

December 20, 2017

Required Referral Sources

Make sure your team is adding Referral Sources for leads by requiring a Referral Source when specific Market Sources are chosen.

Read more about required referral sources


Quick Add Required Fields

Having the Quick Add Required Fields option enabled will ensure Market Source, Care Level, and Lead Score are populated when Leads are entered into your database. These fields will be added to the Quick Add form and are required before any leads can be saved.


Community Form

Add more information about your community with custom fields on your communities form!

Read more about the community form


New Features Update: No Next Step Filter, National Do Not Call List, Marketing Budget and Spend, and More!

August 28, 2017


Activity "For" field

When creating activities you will now be able to specify who the activity is for within the case. This will allow you to easily specify if the activity is for the lead, their primary contact or another contact in the case. The For drop down will default to the Primary Contact for the case.

Read the "For" field article




No Next Step Filter

We have added a new addition to the Advanced Search! You can now filter any list by whether or not the case has a next step. Simply go to the Advanced Search and select the "Default" form which houses custom queries and filters. Select "Next Step" and select "No." Add your other filters and run your search!



National Do Not Call Registry (DNC) Integration


Enquire now integrates with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) National Do Not Call Registry (DNC)! Each phone number will have an icon next to it noting if it is on the DNC list.

Read the DNC article


Marketing Budget and Actual

Do you want to track your marketing budget for your portfolio? Now you can! In the Admin section, go to "Communities" on the left menu and click on the community you would like to enter budget information for. Set budget for all major marketing categories.

If you want to update the actual spend of a specific market source like newspaper ads, direct mail, etc. you can open up the picklist for market source in the Admin section and there is now a row to enter spend.




Housing Contract New Buttons

We thought we'd make it easier to transfer a person, permanently move them out, or add them to a temporary residence.

Move Out - This will complete a permanent move out.

Transfer - This button will allow you to transfer a resident from one unit to another.

Add to Existing - This is used when a resident will remain occupying their permanent unit but will have a temporary stay (i.e. respite or skilled) in another unit. 

Session Timeout Notification 

We have added a session timeout pop-up notification in the middle center of the screen when your computer has been inactive for ten minutes.

New Features Update: Profile Contact Cards, Profile Header, and More

April 2, 2017


Profile Contact Cards

We have revamped the profile to show all contacts right in the header! You will notice that the header for the prospect or resident has been replaced with multiple contact cards representing all of the people in the prospect case.



Profile Header

In the new header you will see the Case name (name of prospect or resident), Assigned person and the Sales Stage Bar. Change the Assigned user by clicking on the name and selecting the new person. 

Remember- your sales stages are customizable! Watch the bar progress as your lead moves through your sales process!



New Features Update: Sticky Notes, Mail Merge, Last Modified Search, Unit Search and More

February 24, 2017


Sticky Notes

Have you ever wanted to comment on a lead and ensure your team member gets it? Are you a regional with new users that need coaching? Use our new sticky notes feature to pin your note to the top of the profile. This alerts the user who is assigned the profile in the top bar (bell with red notification) so that they are prompted to look at your note.

Read more about sticky notes


Last Modified Search

In the advanced search there is a new option under the default form called "Last Modified." This allows you to pull criteria based on the last modified date of an individual. Use this to pull lost leads for the month or even individuals who are hot that haven't been modified this month.

Learn more about our advanced search

Unit Search

When adding a housing contract or residence, the unit dropdown is now searchable. Just start typing the number to find the correct unit. Additionally, color-coding tells you if the unit is currently occupied (red), vacant (green) or pending (yellow). 

Read more about adding a resident to a unit or apartment


Activity Phone Numbers

We added a line item in each activity for the lead's phone number. This way you can easily make calls right from your dashboard without clicking into a profile.


Mail Merge

Easily add documents and merge individuals and lists into your templates. This can be anything from contracts to name tags and address labels. 

Learn more about template merges





New Features Update: Goal Setting, Improved Reporting, Digital Coaching, Email Templates, and More

February 1, 2017


EnquireLEADS is full of helpful features to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Read our latest product highlights below, and check out our App and Help Centers.


Goal Setting

Admins can now track key goals, such as occupancy, tours, conversion rates, and more, from within EnquireLEADS. You can add these goals to your dashboard to monitor at the portfolio, community, or individual level and to understand how well your team is performing over time.

 Goals 2.jpg


Email Templates

Letters, contracts and other Word documents can be uploaded with fields from your prospect database, such as name, address, and community.You can also create email templates from the emails you send regularly. Keep them private or share them with your entire team!

Note: You must be synced with Outlook/Exchange or Gmail. Click here to learn how.


Digital Coaching

With the EnquireLEADS new workflows, you can set up custom alerts based on prospect actions to digitally coach your team. Do you want to send sales users a note whenever a prospect schedules a visit? Simply create your notification, and whenever a tour is scheduled, your team will receive a notification and a reminder on the best step to take next.


Improved Reports

Is your data telling a story that you can draw conclusions from?

EnquireLEADS has a new and improved business intelligence reporting interface. Use our 50+ templates to slice and dice your data and create visuals that are meaningful to your organization. We have everything from community performance dashboards to sales team report cards. Start monitoring the RIGHT metrics today!

Metric categories include:

  • Sales and Activity
  • Marketing and Campaigns
  • Deposits and Census
  • Residents and Buyer Profiles

Click here to learn more about reports.



New Features Update: Integration, Two-Way Syncing, Customized Forms, and More

July 7, 2016


EnquireLEADS is full of helpful tools to keep you running at maximum efficiency. Read our latest product highlights below and check out our new App and Help Centers.



Would you like to integrate your calendar and email without ever leaving your CRM? Unite your internal departments for seamless business intelligence as prospects move through the sales cycle?

We work with the best external partners in the business to give you a complete solution in EnquireLEADS.

Some of our integrations:
  • Google Maps and Calendar
  • USPS
  • Microsoft Outlook Email
  • Zillow
  • Caremerge
  • Caring.com
  • Act-On
  • HubSpot
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • TextUs

Check out our App Center.

Two-Way Sync

Instead of copying files only from one location to another (i.e., one-way sync), two-way sync keeps both locations up to date. This feature is incredibly helpful when you use one or more email and calendar providers with your CRM system. EnquireLEADS allows for two-way syncing with both Outlook and Gmail accounts. You just have to enter the data into one system, and then your contacts and calendars stay updated without copy and pasting or double entry.

Form Builder

You already have procedures that work best for you, for example, specific terminology, business processes, and sales methodologies. With Form Builder, you can customize EnquireLEADS to fit your exact needs.

Start with our out-of-the-box forms to cover the basics. Later, your Administrator can customize your forms to accommodate new fields and categories. This way as your information needs grow, so do the capabilities of your CRM.

Click here for a step-by-step guide in our Help Center.



Workflows automatically carry out tasks based on predefined definitions. With workflow automation, you can simplify your processes, even for the most complex tasks. EnquireLEADS saves you time by allowing you to customize everything from scheduling a follow-up activity to inactivating prospects.

  • Keep Salespeople Updated
    • Send confirmation emails automatically after appointments have been made
    • Set reminders to let salespeople know when further action is needed
    • Create prompts to fill in fields successively based on previous entry
  • Successfully Manage Accounts
    • Clearly follow past and future scheduled activities
    • Thoroughly collect information about prospects, clients, and contacts
    • Automatically take action for the specific lifecycle stage of each client



Your CRM software enables you to gather an incredible amount of data. But for that data to be useful to you, it needs to be presented in an easily understandable way.

In EnquireLEADS, you can quickly generate meaningful reports to display on your dashboard. You can use these charts to keep track of performance and trends. You can also customize your reports to show you the data that’s most important to you.

You can choose which metrics to follow in order to:

  • Set goals
  • Analyze portfolios
  • Monitor marketing campaigns
  • Allocate resources

Click here to learn more about reports in our Help Center.

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