New Profile Contact Cards

We have revamped the profile to show all contacts right in the header! You will notice that the header for the prospect or resident has been replaced with multiple contact cards representing all of the people in the prospect case.

What is a case? A case is like a file folder, full of everyone involved in the lead. A case can involve a prospect or resident, spouse, daughter, son, referral source, etc.


Below are all the things you need to know!


New Headline

In the new header you will see the Case name (name of prospect or resident), Assigned person and the Sales Stage Bar. Change the Assigned user by clicking on the name and selecting the new person. 

Also, if you have delete privileges, you will see the Delete All red button in the top right. This will delete the entire case, including all contacts.


Change the Assigned Person

Click on the name and select the new person.


Contact Card Headers

Wow what a difference! All contacts are now in the header with the primary contact at the top. Tab through each person in the forms to view their information!


Change a Primary Contact 

Simply click on the checkmark button to change the primary contact on the case



Make a Contact Inactive

Simply click on the down arrow on the card and select "make inactive"


Convert to Residents

Click on the down arrow and convert the contact to a resident


Change the Community Tag or View Information 

This is all in the same spot! Under the contact cards you will find other information like the community, last modified and created by information. 



Object Tabbing

This may be the best part! To update information for contacts you no longer will go to their profile. Everything is done from the case file. Less clicking? Yes please!


Update Contact information

Under information click on the contact's tab in each form to update.




Update Address information

Under the address tab click on the contact's tab in each form to update.



Update Housing information


Do you have two people moving in on one case like a husband and wife? Click on Housing Contact or Residences tab (depending on what your company calls it) and select the tab for the person you are moving in.




Add Campaigns to Contacts

Easily see and add new campaigns to contacts and spouses from one screen.




Add Transactions to Contacts

Add transactions like deposits to one or both people using tabbing



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