Reassign Leads and Activities


Use this article to assign leads from one user to another



(Both of the users must be assigned to the same communities.  Reassigning Activities will send all due and overdue activities to the new user)

(You must have Admin rights or contact an Admin for this procedure)


1. Access your EnquireLEADS profile. 


2. Click on the "Admin" button in the left side category list



3. Select the community that the user was assigned to.


4. Select the user you would like to reassign 


5. Once you access the user, click on the "Reassign" button on the top right of their profile. 



6. A new window will appear with different options.

You can select the options by clicking the drop down arrow. 


7. After you select what category you want to reassign, you can choose the user you went to send the information to, then click save and your option will be sent to the new user.

8. As Best Practice, please reassign Activities, Prospects, and Contacts. If truly desired, you can reassign any Residents and Referral Sources as well.





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