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Bild & Co Plugin Guide

Enquire Support -

Existing Company Setup

1. Update your activity types and activity results to match the types below. Red types are mandatory as they are used in the checklist workflows.

Bild & Co Activity Types

Inquiry Received - Phone
Call In
Call Out
Deposit Received
Email Follow-up to VM
Email In
Email Out
Follow-up Connection Sheet
Home Visit
Information Sent
Initial Visit
LinkedIn Message
Move In
One Extra
Referral Received
Referral Source Visit
Call Out - Referral Source
Repeat Visit
Same Day Call
Same Day Thank You
Strategic Close Worksheet
Visit Planning Sheet
Walk In Inquiry
Walk In Visit
Web Form


Bild & Co Result Types


Contact Made
Deposit Taken
Left Message / No Answer
Moved In
Scheduled Visit
Sent Email/Mail
Task Completed
Visit Held


2. After the types are created go to Admin and click on Plugins.

3. Find the Bild & Co plugin and click Add

4. Enter your activation code (provided by Bild & Co)

5. All the Bild & Co connection sheets, fields, workflows, etc. will be created.

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