Inventory and Occupancy FAQ

Frequently asked questions about why your Inventory and Occupancy might look the way it does.

Why is the number of Units Occupied on the Inventory report incorrect, but when I export the Inventory report, the number of Occupied units is correct?

Make sure that all of your Occupied units are marked as Active and the Capacity for each unit is set correctly. EnqurieLEADS will treat inactive units as Off Census, meaning that they will NOT be counted in your overall census information. Capacity will affect your overall occupied count if you have units that are marked with a capacity greater than one, but aren't 100% occupied. For Example, a unit with a capacity of two, but with only one residing resident will be 50% occupied.

I'm trying to move someone into a Unit, but the Unit I'm looking for isn't showing as an Available Unit.

When adding a housing contract to an individual, make sure the unit you are trying to move them in to isn't marked as Inactive. Inactive units will NOT show in the Available Unit drop down when creating a housing contract.

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