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Standard Reports

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Standard Reports Summary


Our Standard Reports allow you to quickly view and track what is going on in your communities. Information for each of the reports is pulled directly from your EnquireLEADS system.

All reports can be exported to Excel.



Activity Report

A report of ALL activities that have been logged into the system. This can be broken down to view within a specific date range as well as for a specific user. 


Activity Summary

See a complete overview of activities being completed in your specific communities. You can view both community specific activities as well as user specific activities.




See an overview of the community inventory broken down by Floor Plan Type. View how many units of each type, number occupied and number vacant. Export report to Excel to see a complete breakdown of each specific unit within your communities.




Lead Score

View prospects in the system based on their lead scores. Drill down to see specifics such as No Open Activities, how many of each lead score have toured, which profiles of each lead score have overdue activities and how long each have been open. Click directly on the Blue number to go directly to the profile.


Exported Inventory to Excel


Market Source

View where your inquiries are coming from as well as how each work through the sales stages from Inquiry to Move-In. You can view this either by community or by company. 



Move-In/Out Report

See a breakdown of all Move-Ins and Move-Outs by community, unit and date. You can pull a date range and see which of the moves are transfers. 



New Inquiry

Provides a breakdown of all New Inquiries in your system within a specified date range. This is based on the create date of your prospect profiles. You can drill down by Date, Lead Score and Community. 




Provides an overview of your specific care types within each community. You will see the total number of pending profiles, how many total move ins within a specified date range as well at total attrition. This report is dependent on the Housing Contracts being completed for each profile. 



Sales Conversion

See a complete breakdown of the sales life for each community. Shows the journey of the prospect through the sales stages (Inquiry, Tour, Deposit and Move-In) within a specified date range. You can drill down by Community, Staff and Date Range. 


Waitlist & Deposit Report

Shows all leads that are on the waitlist or have a made a deposit within a specified date range. This report pulls from the Create Date of when the profile was added to the Waitlist or when a Deposit was entered into the system. 


Referral Source Report

Search all of your referral sources and track the referred leads throughout the life of the sales stage. This report is community or company specific and shows both professional and personal referral sources.



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