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Social Module

Instantly populates the following social information fields on the EnquireIQ Appended Data form when an email address or phone number is entered and matched:

  Social Data Run   Social Date
  Location   Marital Status
  Age   Gender
  LinkedIn URL   LinkedIn Bio
  LinkedIn Followers   Twitter URL
  Google URL   Organization Name

Note: If city and state values are populated to the Location field and the individual does not have an address, a new address will created with the city and state values from the Location field.

Financial Module

Instantly populates the following financial and demographic information fields on the EnquireIQ Appended Data form when a physical address is entered and matched:

  Financial Data Run   Financial Date
  Senior Adult Household   Home Owner or Renter
  Age Range   Education
  Ethnic Group   Language
  Religion   Number of Children
  Annual Income   Net Worth
  Home Value   Home Purchase Date
  Home Purchase Price   Dwelling Type
  Length of Residence   Lifestyle and Interests
  Occupation - Industry   Occupation - Detail
  Upscale Card Holder   Credit Card Holder
  Auto Model   Auto Make
  Auto Year

How it Works

If there is a match with an address and/or email the data will instantly populate in the profile in a read-only form. There is an 86% match rate for at least one of the fields.

This data is available to search in the advanced search and also available in the custom field table for custom reporting.

Example form:


  • EnquireIQ™ Social, Demographic and Financial - $10 / user per month

Get Up and Running!

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