Call Rail Integration

Target phone numbers entered into Enquire CRM to help assess your marketing efforts.


Step 1: Add the necessary fields and activity type to Enquire CRM

To see the information coming from Call Rail, an admin will need to add a couple of fields and an activity type:

Add the Call Campaign and Call Campaign Date fields
  1. Click Admin on the left menu.
  2. On the next page, click Form Builder
  3. From the list of available forms, click either the General Information form or the Sales & Marketing Information form
  4. The form builder page will be split into two sections, on the left side where your existing fields are, scroll to the bottom so you see the last field and the white space beneath it. On the right side, keep toggled to the Input tab and click and drag in a Text Input field and a Date Input field over to the blank space beneath the last existing field. You will see a grey area appear to let you know where you will be putting this field. Release the left mouse button. Note that you can put these fields anywhere you would like on a form.CallTracking_Fields.png
  5. We will need one of these fields to be called Call Campaign and the other to be called Call Campaign Date. For the Call Campaign field, click on the field you just added with the generic name of Text Field and a pop over will appear. Leave the ID/Name field as is, change the Label Text from Text Input to Call Campaign, remove the text in the Placeholder and Help Text fields, make sure the Required checkbox is unchecked and click Save. Follow the same steps for the Date Input field, but change the Label Text from Date Input to Call Campaign Date and leave the Placeholder text as is. Click Save in the upper right to commit these changes. Please note that these field names are case sensitive and must be spelled correctly. Make sure everything is spelled and capitalized properly to ensure Call Rail information populates correctly.Call_Campaign_Field.pngCall_Campaign_Date_Field.pngNew_Call_Campaign_Fields.png
Add the Call In - Call Campaign activity type
  1. Click Types on the left menu of the Admin section
  2. From the types drop down, choose Activity TypesActivity_Types.png
  3. In the Name field, type Call In - Call Campaign and from the Master Type drop down, choose Call In. Click the blue + Add button. Please note, this activity type name must be spelled and capitalized properly with an Activity Master Type of Call In. This will ensure an activity is created correctly.Call_In_Call_Campaign_Activity.png


Step 2: Obtain your Call Rail API Information

Setting up the Call Rail integration with Enquire CRM requires your API Key and your Account ID.

  1. Log in to your account at 
  2. Click your login initials at the top of the page, then select My Profile
  3. Under the Security heading, Click API Keys.
  4. Click + Create New API V3 Key at the top of the page to create a new key.
  5. Your active API V3 keys are listed in the table. You can delete any API key by clicking the Delete icon on the right.
  6. Find the nine digit number following "/a/" in the URL displayed in your browser, this is your Account ID

Step 3: Add API Information to the Plug-in Page

  1. Click Admin on the left menu
  2. Click Plug-ins on the left menu
  3. Because this integration is community specific, click into the Community drop down at the top of the Plug-in page and choose the desired community
  4. Scroll down and locate the Call Rail plugin from the list of available integrations, click the blue + Add button and then click Settings
  5. On the Plugin settings pop-up, enter your Account ID into the 'Client Secret' field and your Call Rail V3 API Key into the 'API Key' field. Click Save Changes.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each community wanting the Integration.



How does Call Rail work with Enquire CRM?

The Call Rail integration is designed to help you best understand where your marketing efforts are most effective by matching targeted phone numbers with campaigns you have set up in Call Rail. When entering leads with phone numbers, Enquire CRM will attempt to match phone numbers with phone numbers in your Call Rail account and return the associated Call Campaign, Call Campaign Date and create an activity documenting the activity with a result of Contact Made if the call was answered or a result of Attempt if the call wasn't answered.FilledOutFields.pngCampaignActivity.png

Call Rail FAQs

I entered a phone number that should return a Call Campaign and Call Campaign Date, but nothing populated to the designated fields.
Make sure that you have correctly entered the API information obtained from Call Rail and that each key and ID has been entered into the correct field on the Plug-in page. Sign into your Call Rail account and verify that phone numbers are set up correctly and mapped to the correct call campaigns.
I have entered the correct API information, but the fields aren't populating and an activity isn't being created.
Check and make sure that the Call Campaign and Call Campaign Date field names are spelled and capitalized correctly. Ensure that the Call In - Call Campaign activity type is spelled and capitalized correctly and that it has a Master Type of Call In.
Prior to us setting up the Call Rail integration, there are individuals already entered with a matching phone number, but the Call Rail information didn't populate.
Once the Call Rail integration is active, from that point forward Enquire CRM will begin matching phone numbers with numbers in your Call Rail account. Due to Call Rail' API throttling and limiting, this service will not update records prior to the integration.
I have phone numbers being captured in my Call Rail account, but individuals aren't populating in Enquire CRM.
Our integration with Call Rail does NOT create individuals in Enquire CRM. The integration will only match phone numbers for individuals that have been entered into Enquire CRM.

Note: If you would like to know more about the Form Builder, read our Customizing the Form Builder article. If you would like to know more about creating and updating types in Enquire CRM, read our Updating Dropdown Types article. If you have any questions regarding this integration or think something isn't working as it should, reach out to us at

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