Email Templates

Create email templates to quickly send Emails to Individuals in your database.


Note: You will need to have the Exchange integration set up to use this feature. 

Create a New Email Template

  1. On the left menu, click Templates, then click Email TemplatesEmail_Templates.png
  2. In the upper right of the Email Templates page, click the blue + Create button
  3. In the Template Name field, enter what you would like the template to be called. We recommend making it unique, this will help you locate it later when you want to use it.
  4. For the Subject field, enter the subject for your email. Something like, "Tour Follow Up" or "Thanks for visiting!".
  5. The Display field will allow you to make your Email Template Public or Private. Making an Email Template Public means that anyone in your Community can view and use the Template and a Private Email Template will only be visible and usable by you.
  6. The Body text area is where you will put what you want your email to say. You can make these Email Templates smarter and more personal by using fields found on a profile. This is done by putting the field names in curly braces: {{Field Name}} or by clicking the blue bubble(s) containing the field you would like to use on the right side of the create Email Template page. You may also search for fields using the search field above the blue field bubbles.Email_Template_Fields.gif
  7. Once you have finished your email template. Click the blue + Save button.

Using your Email Template

  1. Navigate to an Individual's profile.
  2. Click the Activity button along the top of the profile
  3. Click the Send Email tab
  4. In the For field, enter the name of the individual
  5. Click the Load Template button and select your template from the listtemplate_list.png
  6. Choosing your template will then auto populate the Subject and Bodypopulated_send_email.png
  7. Click the blue Send button


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