Lob Integration

Enquire can parse individual information into Lob.com templates for on-demand printing. 


Retrieve Lob API Key

  1. Register or Log into your Lob account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click API Keys.
  4. Authorize and copy your Live API Key


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins.  Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at support@enquiresolutions.com for further assistance.


When creating templates in Lob, you can use fields found in Enquire to populate information for Individuals.

Create a template using available fields

  1. On the left menu, click Templates, and then click Document Templatesdocument_templates.png
  2. Click the blue Available Fields link just below the Templates headeravailable_fields.png
  3. This will show you a list of fields that you can use to populate information in Lob

Note: If you aren't sure how to create a template, read our Template merging article. Lob does not allow spaces for their field naming so you will need to replace the space with an underscore (_). For example, {{First Name}} in Enquire CRM would need to be typed as {{First_Name}} in Lob.

Send a template to Lob


  • You have setup Lob for your company following our Setup steps above.
  • A template has been created using your company's available fields and Lob's underscore format.
  • Individuals have a valid street address. If a valid street address is not supplied, you will be asked to enter one for the individual before proceeding and sending a template to Lob.
  1. Navigate to a profile you would like to send a letter to
  2. In the upper right of the profile, click the blue + Add button, then click Lob Mergelob_merge_drop_down.png
  3. A modal will appear that will let you choose who you would like to send the template to, and the templates you have in Lob. You can check multiple boxes if you would like to send multiple templates to an individual. Note that the (Primary) listed after an individual's name indicates they are the primary contact.lob_merge_modal.png
  4. Click Merge. You will receive a message letting you know the Template was successfully sent to Lob.lob_success_message.png

View your Letters in Lob

  1. Log in to your Lob account
  2. On the left menu, click Letters in the Letters API section
  3. You will see the letter for the Individual you just sent from EnquireLEADSlob_template_in_lob.png

Lob FAQs

I don't see the Lob Merge option
Make sure you have correctly followed our Setup guide above and entered the API Key correctly and that the individual you are attempting to send the Lob letter to has a valid street address.
Why didn't all the fields in my template populate?
Make sure all field names are spelled correctly and follow Lob's specific naming convention. The field will still require the curly braces {{}}, but fields containing a space will need to have that space replaced with an underscore _. For Example, {{First Name}} in an Enquire CRM template will need to be entered as {{First_Name}} in a template being merged to Lob.
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