Do Not Call Registry verification

What is Do Not Call Registry verification?

This verification process helps you determine who is eligible for contact and who is not.

Do Not Call Verification statuses


The green check mark indicates that this individual is not registered on the Do Not Call registry and is safe for contact.


The yellow caution symbol indicates the individual is registered on the Do Not Call registry, but the individual has reached out and contacted your community. This "okay to contact" window is open for 90 days and after that 90 days, the individual will move back to a Do Not Call status.

The number of days remaining for contact is indicated by the small number to the right of the yellow caution symbol.


💡 The yellow caution symbol is determined by any activity for the individual that has a Master Type of Inquiry, Call In, Web Form, Referral, and Email In.



The red "x" indicates the individual is registered on the Do Not Call registry and there has been no successful contact with this individual.



The blue clip board and file symbol indicates that you have received written approval from the individual to contact them at the listed phone number.

If you've accidentally added Written Approval to a phone number, you can remove it by clicking the blue ban icon to the right of the written approval icon. This will return the phone number back to it's previous DNC status.


DNC Opt In/Out requests

If an individual is on the DNC, but gives you written permission to contact them, you can update the status to reflect this. You may also update the status if the individual requests to not be contacted.

To the right of the phone number you would like the DNC status for, click the grey + button. The DNC Opt In/Out pop over will appear. You will choose the opt in/out request date and click the reason for the individual opting in (Written Approval) or opting out (Requested To Not Be Called).


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