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Using your Lob integration

Brian S. (Enquire Support) -

Lob allows you to seamlessly send lead information from EnquireLEADS to ready to print templates.

Requirements for Lob

  1. Follow our setup guide HERE to get Lob enabled for your company.
  2. Set up a template using Available Fields in Lob.
  3. Lob requires that the individual you will be sending the letter to, has a valid street address. If a valid street address is not supplied, you will be asked to enter one for the individual before proceeding.

How to use your Lob integration

  1. Navigate to a profile you would like to send a letter to
  2. In the upper right of the profile, click the blue + Add button, then click Lob Mergelob_merge_drop_down.png
  3. A modal will appear that will let you choose who you would like to send the template to, and the templates you have in Lob. You can check multiple boxes if you would like to send multiple templates to an individual. Note that the (Primary) listed after an individual's name indicates they are the primary contact.lob_merge_modal.png
  4. Click Merge. You will receive a message letting you know the Template was successfully sent to Lob.lob_success_message.png

View your Letters in Lob

  1. Log in to your Lob account
  2. On the left menu, click Letters in the Letters API section
  3. You will see the letter for the Individual you just sent from EnquireLEADSlob_template_in_lob.png
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