Uploading individuals with our Template

Download and fill out our template to quickly and easily upload people to your database.

  Be aware that the assigned user will receive a notification email for each individual uploaded.

  Uploading individuals to your database using our template is limited to 2,000 individuals at a time. If your template has more than 2,000 individuals, it will NOT upload.

Downloading the Template

  1. Click Admin on the left menu
  2. Click Upload on the left Admin menu
  3. In the upper right of the page, click the grey Download Template button
  4. This will download a Microsoft Excel file titled Template.xlsx

Filling out the template

  DO NOT update or remove any of the column headers. This will cause the upload to fail or a partial upload of data. Any modifications to the template or incorrect data entry that cause adverse upload effects and require data clean up by Enquire will be subject to a cost.

When filling out the template, be aware that the following fields are required:

  • Community - this will be the Unique ID for your community(ies). You can locate this by following our guide on locating your Community Unique ID
  • Individual Type - this will be Prospect, Contact, Resident, Referral, or PreLead
  • Assigned User - this must be the id for the user, you can locate user id's by following our guide on locating a User Id
  • First Name - the first name of the individual
  • Last Name - the last name of the individual

Note: When adding a ZIP/Postal Code to the template, make sure you are only entering the five-digit code. Do not enter the ZIP+4. Including this ZIP+4 code will cause the list to fail uploading. For example: if the ZIP code is 80207-1234, you only need to enter 80207. When adding a Phone Number to the template, make sure you are only entering numbers. Do not add any formatting or special characters (i.e. ( and -) to the phone number fields.

  Please match your entries for each column to what your system is setup with under Admin - Types. Example: Salutation must be entered into the template exactly as listed as one of the options under Admin - Types - Salutation

Uploading the template

💡 If you plan on uploading a large number of individuals. We recommend uploading a small sample size of individuals (maybe 5-10) to verify and make sure they are uploading as you expect.

Before you upload, please review the following.

  File type

  • Your file is in a XLS or XLSX format

 File data

  • The required fields are correctly filled out (Community, Individual Type, Assigned User, First Name, and Last Name)

 Inquiry Date and Type

  • If no Inquiry Date or Method is chosen, the first Inquiry activity type will be chosen and the Inquiry date will be the date of upload.

 Created Date

  • If no Created Date is specified, the Created Date will be the date of upload.

 No merging will occur

  • I understand that individuals with the same phone number or email address will NOT be merged and I have verified and deduplicated information prior to upload.
  1. Read through and check the boxes next to each acknowledgement statement. Once you have checked each box, the upload manager section will appear.
  2. Drag and drop your completed template file onto the download manager section or click into the download manager section to locate the file on your computer.
  3. After your template has been uploaded successfully (denoted by the light grey check mark that will appear), refresh the page.

Your newly created individuals will now be available in your Enquire CRM database!

📧 Have questions about uploading individuals with our template? Send us an email at support@enquiresolutions.com

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