Learn about Pre-Leads and how they can help your team keep track of individuals before they become prospects.

What are Pre-Leads?

Pre-Leads are a new profile type designed to store your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) who have not yet been accepted as a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).


💡 Pre-Leads are indicated by the pink left border and PreLead label to the right of the individual's name.

Accept a Pre-Lead

Accept a Pre-Lead to convert the individual into a Prospect and begin your sale process.

  1. Click the grey Accept button at the top of the profile.
  2. On the form that appears enter an Assigned User, Inquiry Type, and Market Source.
  3. Click the green Save button to accept the Pre-Lead.
  4. Your Pre-Lead is now converted to a Prospect! The Assigned User will be notified and an Inquiry Activity will be created on the Prospect profile.

Reject a Pre-Lead

Reject a Pre-Lead if no further action needs to be taken on the individual.

  1. Click the red Reject button at the top of the profile.
  2. The individual will be made inactive. This individual will still be accessible and you will have the option to Accept the Pre-Lead in the future

Pre-Leads FAQ

Why don't I see Pre-Leads in my database?

Pre-Leads are currently available by request. If you would like to use Pre-Leads in your Enquire database, send us an email:


What happens to Pre-Leads I reject?
Pre-Leads that you have rejected will still exist in your system, but will be Inactive.
You will still be able to search for, and accept these rejected Pre-Leads in the future.
I see Pre-Leads, but how do I add them to my database?
Pre-Leads can be added using our Upload feature or through integrations using the API, such as webform submissions. Learn how to upload Pre-Leads using our Upload feature.

 If you'd like to learn more about our API, visit our developer site!

Can I track Pre-Leads in reports?

Pre-Leads aren't tracked using our Standard Reports, but our reporting team can work with you to develop a custom report. Send us an email!


How can I find my Pre-Leads?

There's several other ways you can keep track of your Pre-Leads. First, Pre-Leads can be targetted by clicking on the People icon from the left-hand menu.


Pre-Leads are also part of the Advanced Search, and can be saved to Lists or Campaigns. To find Pre-Leads via the Advanced Search, you can select the following criteria:


Who will see Pre-Leads?

All users will have access to Pre-Leads.

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