Individual Management - Merging Duplicates


  • Individual Management Feature allows you to merge and link duplicate or matching profiles with a click of a button.
  • By default, the New ‘Individual Management’ feature is enabled for all admin users. 
  • This option may be added as permission to any Role(s) by Admin selection.  You can complete this by Admin> Roles> Enable Individual Management by checkbox as applicable to Role.


Initiating either a merging or linking:

From the profile you consider the master or target profile, click the [+Add] at the top right of profile, and select “Manage”. 



Merging Duplicate Profiles

After initiating the “Manage” feature, Enquire will identify potential matches throughout your organization based on matching values for the prospect’s name, email, phone, SSN, and Medicare number. 

Where applicable, duplicate profiles within the same location can be merged.  Merge duplicates by checking box next to the profiles you want to merge into a single record and clicking the red “Yes, Merge” button at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: all activities, notes, relationships, and field values will be combined on a single case record upon completion of the merge.  If conflicting values exist for the same field (i.e. care level = independent living on one case and assisted living on the other case) the value from the target/master profile will be retained and other conflicting values will be lost.



Linking profiles from different locations

Often, different buildings in your portfolio will be working leads for the same individuals or families.  Enquire’s location tabbing feature allows users to share visibility of those leads to better understand the needs and wants of the family creating a better user experience.

Enquire’s manage feature allows users to create this link through location tabbing.  After initiating the “Manage” feature, either check the [Link] button on the right hand side for each person you want to link, OR just click the link all button.


Once you complete the link, your profiles will look like this.  Users can toggle between each profile to view the notes and field data at each location, but they will not be able to edit information at other locations unless they have access to that specific location.



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