Post Acute Analytics


In this article, we will review the Post Acute Analytics Report. This report is for companies that have skilled nursing in their communities. 

What's New?

As of 10/11/2023: We have updated the logic for this report to reflect an activity with multiple communities assigned to show as one activity on the account activities tab.

The referring contacts that have multiple communities tagged to an activity will now only count as one activity on the report, but will show all activities per location when drilling down. 

Post Acute Analytics


The dashboard tab will show an overview of what is happening in your CRM. This is where  you will find your total referrals, admitted referrals, denied referrals, lost referrals, accepted referrals, and pending referrals. 

Source Information

The source information will show all referral admit, denied, lost and pending information with the account name that referred them. This is a great place to know who is referring your admit leads vs your common denied leads. 

Referral Information

The referral information tab will show you the referral information based on primary diagnosis, payor, DRG, and destination. 

Account Activity

The account activity tab will give an overview on all the accounts in your CRM environment with the referring contact information and activities completed. 

Discharge Information

The discharge information tab will show the discharges by destination, day, and the detail. The detail section will show the individual, location assigned, discharge date, the destination to, the destination reason, and the length of stay in days. 


The readmits tab will show all readmits added to the CRM. The days on this report can be manually edited based on what your community considers a readmit. Otherwise, the days is defaulted to 30 days. This tab will show the readmits by location, pay method, and a list of readmits per date range. 

Current Census

The current census tab will show all individuals that are admitted in your community. You will also find on this tab the individual name, care, payor, primary diagnosis,  DRG code, referring contact, admit date, transfer date, and length of stay in days. 

Denials / Lost

The denials / lost tab will show all the leads that were denied or lost. This will break down in different sections to show the lost to competitor, financial denial, the reason, and the lead score. 

Activity Log

The activity log tab will show all the activities being added to the CRM for each referral. On this tab you will see the location the lead is assigned to, referral name, user full name, status, care, payor, primary diagnosis, DRG code, account, referring name, denied or lost, admit, referral date, average response time, and outcome date. 

Open Referrals 

The open referrals tab will show you all the leads in the CRM that have a status other than admit or denied. This page will show you the referral name, assigned user, outcome, status, pay method, primary diagnosis, account, referring contact, and referral date. This is a great place to see your open referrals and who needs to be followed up on.


The portfolio tab will show you the total referrals that were admitted, denied, and lost by location. You will also find this information by month and year to date. 

Logic Page

The logical page will review each tab in detail and how we gather the data to report on. 

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