Navigating the Dashboard

Your dashboard is a summary of important information.

Recently Viewed

The dashboard maintains a list of each users top 15 most recently viewed in the left menu.

  1. Click Recently Viewed to expand the list of recently viewed profiles.    

Activity Section

This section will display activities that are currently assigned to you. You can toggle to view other co-worker's activities from the top-left Filter button as long as the have the same community access as you. You can also act on these activities by clicking on them to expand their details, or clicking on the name of the profile to navigate directly to that profile. Alternatively, you can click on the Activity section from the left-hand menu to view these details.


Daily Summary chart

The daily summary section displays a chart of completed activities for the current day. Hover over each section to see the total number for each activity type.


Dashboard Snapshots


This tracks all initial inquiry activities that have occurred in the last 6 months.dashboard-snapshot-inquiry.png


This tracks all tour activity in the last 6 months.dashboard-snapshot-tour.png


This tracks all deposit activity in the last 6 months.dashboard-snapshot-deposit.png


This tracks all Move-In activity in the last 6 months.dashboard-snapshot-movein.png

💡 These dashboard snapshots are based on Sale Stage activities signified by the red icons on activities (       )

New Referrals

The New Referrals section will show referrals from your integrations (i.e. Allscripts and Curaspan) where an individual has a relationship to a referral creator. The "Sent By" column will display the organization where the referral creator is assigned/works. Referrals will stay displayed in this box until they are reassigned to a non-integration user or they are made inactive.


Note: The New Referrals tab will only display if your community has a Post-Acute care type (ST).

New Leads

The New Leads section will show leads for communities that you have access to and will only display leads generated from integrations (i.e. your community web form, A Place For Mom, These leads will remain in this New Leads section as long as they are assigned to the integration user (i.e. Community Website, PlaceForMom Website, Website).


💡 Remember to update the assigned user to yourself or another user at your community to remove leads from this section.


The Watch List tab displays individuals that you want to keep an eye on. This is determined by a field set to Yes on a profile called Watch

Note: Learn how to add indiviuals to your Watch List using our Watch List article.


The History tab shows the specific changes made to individuals you are assigned.


Recently Updated

The recently updated section shows profiles assigned to you that have been recently updated by your or someone else within your community.


Move In and Move Out Section

These sections will display any scheduled Move Ins and Move Outs 60 days forward, and also any that have occurred in the past week. This data is pulled from your Housing Contract/Residency Agreement section on your Resident profiles.

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