Pull a Primary Contact Mailing List

Using the Advanced Search and Lists

Use the Advanced Search to pull and save lists based on defined criteria. Use these lists for mailing lists (mail merges in Word). Users can choose which columns to export to Excel.

Step 1:

Choose the Advanced Search magnifying glass icon on the top of EnquireLEADS.  

You can also choose People on the left category area, Then click on advanced.



Step 2:

Define your criteria by selecting from the drop downs. 


Step 3:

Select the Search button and a list will appear of all leads meeting your defined criteria.


Step 4:

To save as a list select Save as a List. A pop-up will appear for you to name the list. For example, you can name this list 2013 Active Prospects w/Addresses. Click Save to save the list.



Step 5: 

To Export the list to Excel, select the Excel icon or select the Export button on the top right after you select the list and Search.



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