Updating Dropdown Types


Navigating to the Types section

  1. Click Admin of the left hand menu to navigate to the Admin Section.
  2. Click Types on the left Admin menu.
  3. Use the Select Type drop down to select the field you want to edit or add to.
  4. This will load the current drop down options for the selected field.

Add New Type Options

  1. After selecting a type, fill out the form above the already added types
    • Name: The name of the new Type
    • Date Created: The date the type was created (defaults to the current day)
    • Last Modified By: The name of the user creating the type (defaults to the signed in user)
    • Master Type: If the type you are adding uses Master Types, select the appropriate Master Type for the new type you are adding.
    • Active?: The status of the type (can be Active or Inactive (unchecked). Will default to Active when creating a new type.)
  2. Click Add.

Master Types

Some fields allow you to select a Master Type. Master Types are useful for categorizing your field options and to standardize your reporting.

Arranging Field Options

  • You can arrange your field options alphabetically by clicking on Sort All. 
  • You can also customize the order of field options by dragging an option and placing it in a new location in the list.

Removing Options from a Drop Down

  • Use the Active? column next to each option to remove or show that option in the drop down.
    • No: This option will remove the selection from the drop down list.
    • Yes: This option will show the selection in the drop down list.

Note: Selecting No will keep any existing field data intact.

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