Lost and Unqualified Individuals

Instead of deleting a lead, our system allows users to close a lead so that the information on lost or unqualified leads stays intact. Follow the business process defined by your management team in regards to closing out a lead. (This is often done by changing the Lead Score or Status Code field to Lost Lead or Unqualified. Please check with your management if you are unsure of how to do this.)

Manually Inactivate Lost and Unqualified Individuals

  1. Navigate to the Prospect you would like to make Inactive.
  2. Click Active from the header information.Active.PNG
  3. Click the drop down field, change it to Inactive and click the blue check mark button to save your changes.
  4. The Prospect will now show as Inactive.Active_2.PNG

Automatic Inactivation of Lost and Unqualified Individuals

Enquire CRM has automation in place to automatically inactivate the Primary Individual (Prospect/Referral or Resident/Patient) and their Primary Contact when their Lead Score/Status Code is set to a value that has a Lead Score Master Type of any of the following:

  • Death
  • Lost Lead
  • Unqualified

Note: If you have any questions about updating Types and Master Types, refer to our Updating Dropdown Types article.

  1. Update the individual's Lead Score/Status Code value to a value with one of the above Master Types.
  2. The Primary Individual and Primary Contact will be made Inactive.

Note: If the Primary Contact's relationship type is Spouse, only the Primary Individual (Prospect/Referral or Resident/Patient) will be made inactive.

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