Creating and Editing Activities

Creating Activities

  1. Navigate to the profile you want to add the activity to.
  2. Click Activity
  3. Click Log Activity, Schedule, Log a Call or Send Email depending on the type of activity you would like to create.
    Not sure what each tab does? Click HERE to learn more.
  4. Fill out the Activity Form and click +Add

Creating an All Day activity

  1. Navigate to the profile you would like to create an All Day activity for
  2. Click the Activity button
  3. Click Schedule
  4. Fill out the desired fields and make sure to check the All Day: check box.
  5. Click Add

Editing Activities

  1. Navigate to the activity you would like to edit.
  2. Click within any of the white space of the activity.
  3. Edit any of the fields you would like to change. Any changes made will be saved automatically.


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