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Microsoft Exchange Integration Setup

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Setup Microsoft Exchange Integration

You need an Exchange server with Exchange Web Services availability. We support both on-premise Exchange and Hosted Exchange implementations.

 By integrating with Microsoft Exchange, users can sync their calendar and email from Outlook and other mobile devices with EnquireLEADS.


What we need to integrate EnquireLEADS with Exchange:


1. Access to EWS (Exchange Web Services) and your EWS URL.

You can use ( to auto discover you URL if you do not know it


2. Our server will need an EnquireLEADS user created on your exchange server with delegate or impersonation access to the users that will need synchronization between EnquireLEADS and Exchange. We do NOT require full impersonation or full delegate access.

Permissions needed for the delegate/impersonation user:

  • Read/write permissions for the Calendar folder.
  • Read/write permissions for the Tasks folder.
  • Optional - Permissions to compose email.


3. Send in a ticket to with the EWS URL information and unique EnquireLEADS user information to have your server set up for users.

We support the following versions of Microsoft Exchange:

  • Exchange 2010
  • Exchange 2010 SP1
  • Exchange 2010 SP2
  • Exchange 2013
  • Exchange 2016
  • Office 365



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