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Microsoft Exchange Integration Quick Guide

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Exchange Calendar Syncing

Once you have set up your Exchange account in eLEADS it will begin to sync.


Activities set in EnquireLEADS

  • Activities set for SPECIFIC TIMES set in eLEADS will sync to the Exchange/Outlook calendar

  • ALL DAY appointments set in eLEADS will sync to the Exchange/Outlook task section

  • Activities set in EnquireLEADS will include the link to the activity and the link to the prospect, contact or referral it is assigned to



Appointment and Tasks set in Exchange/Outlook

  • Appointments for SPECIFIC TIMES set in Exchange/Outlook calendar will show in eLEADS as activities during the day


  • Appointments set for "all day" in Exchange/Outlook will block out the entire day chosen in eLEADS (i.e. an all day activity in Exchange/Outlook for 8/17/13 will block from 12am - 11:59pm on 8/17/13 in eLEADS)


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