Saving and Utilizing Lists

❗ If you are unsure of how to run an advanced search, read our Using the Advanced Search and Lists article.

Saving a List

Saving lists is a powerful tool that allows you to save a search you may run frequently.

  1. Fill in the fields with the search criteria you would like to save.
  2. Click Save as list at under the Choose Saved List section.

Utilizing Lists

  1. You can run your list by selecting your list from the advanced search saved list drop down.
  2. This will load in all of the saved criteria for that list. Click the blue search button at the bottom of the advanced search page to run your search.

Create Mass Activities from a List

Create a large number of activities using a list that you have saved.

  1. Choose a list from the Choose Saved List section
  2. Click the Create Activity button
  3. Fill out the Mass Activity form and click Add. This will create an activity for each of the profiles in the list. If creating a Mass Activity for a large number of individuals, please ensure the 'All Day' box is checked or each individual activity will be shown on your Enquire Calendar. If wanting to log a Mass Activity for something that has already been completed, Please make sure the 'Status' is set to Completed during the creation of this Mass Activity or each activity will need to be completed individually.

Add a List to a Campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaign that you would like to add the list to
  2. Below the text Add people to Campaign by: click List
  3.  From the drop down, choose the saved list, a response if one is necessary, and then click Add

Syncing Lists

  1. Click on People on the left hand menu and then Lists from the sub-menu. 
  2. Click the switch under the Sync? column next to the list you want to sync to your marketing automation system.List-toggle.png
  3. The list will begin to sync.

⏱️ Note: Some integrations can take time to finish syncing. If you aren't seeing your list sync to an email marketing integration you have set up, please email

Making lists public

  1. On the left menu, click People.
  2. Click Lists.
  3. To the right of any list click the switch below Public? from OFF to ON. Click this switch again to make the list Private.
  4. Your list is now public!

💡 Lists are created as private by default.

Public Lists FAQ

Who can see my lists?

List visibilty is determined by your community access.

For example, if I create a list from the following Advanced Search criteria:Advanced_Search_with_communities.png

Only users at the Solutions Village, Denver Point, and Mountain Village communities will have access to this list when I make it public because I have only selected these communities for the search. This also means that if someone with access to only one of the three selected communities views the list they will only see results for their community.

How can I tell if a list is Public?

When someone in your company or community makes a list public, the Public? column will read Yes for the specific list. This lets you know that the list was created by another user and made public.


Note: Only the creator of a list can sync the list or delete the list.

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