CRM: Form Builder - Customizing the Forms

The Form Builder gives you complete control over your system customization, and is available to any Administrator accounts. To customize the form builder, you'll want to first go to Admin and then click on Form Builder from the left-hand menu. This builder is basically drag & drop, so it's very easy to use!

Once you've made it to the Form Builder page, you'll see a Form listed for each Form on individual profiles in the system (such as your Prospect and Resident profiles). Normally, you'll at least see a General Information form which would hold fields such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers, etc.

Add Field Library Fields

To begin, first select the form you'd like to add, remove, or modify fields to or click the blue + Add New button in the upper right. In this example, I will be modifying the General Information form, so I will click directly on this form:

Once you load the builder for your desired form, you will be brought to a drag & drop editor. The first section will show you which profile types the form will be displayed on. To restrict or add a profile type to a form, you can either click in the blank area to add, or click the small "x" to remove a profile.

The next section will allow you to modify the name of the form itself. In this example, I'll click directly on "General Information" to edit the name of this form.

Once you're happy with the name of the form, you'll see the current fields loaded on the left column. Fields you can add will appear on the right column.

It is recommended that you use the Field Library tab which contains pre-determined fields we have found that are used the most.

Once you find the field you want to add, you can simply drag the field into the left form where you'd like it to be displayed. In this example, I will add Age Code and I want it to appear under "Fax".

Once you drag and drop the field, you'll see it displayed on the left column:

You can even customize the name of the field if you'd like it to be called something else. Just click directly on "Age Code" and you can modify the Label Text to display exactly what you'd like.

Once you're satisfied with your form customization, you can click the "Save" button at the top-right of the builder and your system will be updated on the spot.

Please note: The changes to Form Builder may take several hours to appear on individual's profiles.

If you need any help with the form builder or are unsure of how to accomplish a certain customization task, please contact with your requirements.

Custom Fields

The tabs on the right side of the form builder labeled Input, Checkboxes, and Select are custom fields. These fields are of varying types, can have custom naming, and can be added to your forms when a Field Library field may not work.

Custom Field types

Field Type Example
Text Input text field Additional Comments
Password Input DON'T USE DON'T USE
Date Input date field Application date
Text Area multi-line text field Story
Multiple Checkboxes vertical stacked checkboxes Waitlist Preferences
Inline Checkboxes horizontal stacked checkboxes Probability Rating
Select Basic drop down field Secondary Market Source

Add fields

Adding Custom Fields is just like adding field library fields: Click the type of field you would like and drag it to the left pane to the desired location.


Update Custom Field names

  1. Click the name of the field.
  2. On the pop over menu, leave the ID / Name field as is, update the Label Text field to the desired field name, add a Placeholder value if desired or remove the value and leave the field blank, and update or remove the value in the help text field.
  3. Click the blue Save button.


  • The placeholder text is designed to inform users of the expected value for the field (i.e. First Name).
  • A default value can be supplied if you would like a value to display until a user updates the field (i.e. N/A). Be aware that if you would like to report on fields with default values, they will not be pulled into the data warehouse upon creation. The field will need to be manually updated to be pulled into your data warehouse.
  • The help text is designed to give users a better understanding of what content the field should contain (i.e. This field should list out the individual's hobbies). We recommend using the help field sparingly as forms can get crowded when fields contain help text.

Add options to Checkbox and Select Basic fields

Updating checkbox and select basic field options is done through the Form Builder instead of navigating to the Admin  Types section.

  1. Click the name of the checkbox or select basic field you want to update.
  2. In the pop over menu, click into the Options field.
  3. Add each option on it's own line by typing a value and then pressing Enter/Return on your keyboard to go to the next line.

    Note: Avoid adding options that contain special characters, like ampersands (&) and commas (,)


📊 If you would like to report on any custom fields you have added, reach out to and we'll get you in touch with our reporting team!

Alert: If you currently have Custom Reports using Custom Fields, please let our Support team ( know before removing or updating any custom fields on your forms.

Form Builder FAQ

How do I move Custom Fields?

Moving a custom field to another form can cause a loss of data. If you need to move the location of a custom field to a different form, reach out to us at and let us know where you would like to move the field.

I don't see the Option field, why?

When adding a field library field, you update, edit, and add options for that field through the Admin  Types section (a message saying "Please change options in the admin "types" section. This is a default field from the library" will also be displayed on field library fields). If the field you are adding is a Custom Field, you use the field edit pop over to update, edit, and add options.

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