Sales Stages

Ever see an activity that has a little red icon next to it? Those are activities that are being counted as an important sales conversion. These can be used to help manage where a lead is at in the sales process and is extremely useful in reporting.

What is a Sales Stage?

Sales stages are an important tool used in tracking where a lead is in the sales process. Enquire CRM uses four sales stages: Inquiry, Tour, Deposit, and Move In. As you add certain types of activities, you will see this bar progress. Only certain types of activities will count towards a specific stage and only the first instance of that type of activity will be flagged in the Sales Stage.

Sales Stage progress

Web app Mobile app

The web app will display a green bar with the name of each Sales Stage filled in based on the individual's current stage.


What activities count towards a certain sales stage?

Each company can determine what types count towards each sales stage by adding Master Types to each activity that they want to count in the sales stage. For instance, a Reservation Deposit can be flagged and counted as a Deposit in the sales stage. 

Since activity types can be customized, you will want to consult with your management team to identify which activity types correspond to each sales stage.

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