V1 Dashboard in Enquire CRM

Enquire CRM Dashboard


Widgets give you the important information at a glance.

Due Today

This will show you the number of activities you have due for the current day. Click to visit the activity page and see your activities for the day.


The Notification widget will show you the number of new notifications you currently have. Click to visit the Notification page and see all read and unread notifications.

New Leads

The New Leads widget shows you the number of new leads in your system. Click to go to a page displaying all New Leads.

Note: These are ONLY leads that have been entered via integrations currently setup with your system (e.g. A Place for Mom, Caring.com and your community's website).


Date and Time

The Date and Time widget will show you the current date and time for your timezone. Click the Calendar icon to visit your calendar.



Don't worry, nothing has changed here, but we know how important activities are, so they've made their way to the top of the Dashboard!

Note: You can filter your activities by clicking the All Activity filter. 
You can even look at activities for other users by clicking the Assigned filter. 


Daily Activity Summary

The Daily Activity Summary donut chart will display the number of activities you have completed for the current day.


Sales Stage Charts


We've taken the four Sales Stage charts and bundled them in easy to navigate tabs. Simply click the tabs at the top of the box to switch between charts.

New Leads, Watch List, History and Updated

These tabs will display details on your New Leads, Details of Recent Changes made to Profiles you are assigned to, Recently Updated Profiles and Leads that you find important.

New Leads

The New Leads tab will show you the details for each new lead. This tab is limited to displaying the 50 most recent leads.

Watch List

The Watch List tab shows leads that you have flagged as important. You can see Next Activities for your watched leads and even create a Next Activity if one isn't currently scheduled.


The history tab displays a stream of changes and additions made to profiles assigned to you. It will display things like: Adding a new prospect, changing values of fields on a profile and removing values on a profile.


The Updated tab will display a list of the profiles assigned to you that have been recently updated and the user that recently updated them.

Scheduled Move-In (30 days) and Scheduled Move-Out (30 days)

We've bundled the Move-In and Move-Out information into easy to navigate tabs. Simply click each tab to view Move-Ins or Move-Outs.

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