Data Migration FAQ

What is a data migration?

Data migration is the process of transferring your previous systems data into EnquireLeads. This entails transferring any of your prospects, contacts, residents, referrals, transaction information, census information, activities, notes and more.


How long does a data migration take?

The amount of time required for a data migration depends on the size of your database as well as the amount of logic and clean up you would like to apply. For more information contact


How much does a data migration cost?

Please contact and we’ll get you in touch with an Implementation manager who can discuss this further and provide a statement of work (SOW).


All my lead information is stored in Excel spread sheets, can I still do a data migration?

Yes! We can run migrations based off of Excel spread sheets. To get more information about this process, please contact and we’ll get you in touch with an Implementation Manager.


I’m interested in a data migration, what are my next steps?

We’re thrilled you are interested in making the move to EnquireLEADS! To determine the best fit and next steps, contact and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

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