Common Advanced Search Examples

Below are examples of common Advanced Searches. Feel free to play around with any other search criteria you're seeking, this tool is very powerful and can be used for many purposes!

If you want a basic tutorial on running an Advanced Search, please see our article located HERE.

Prospect Mailing List

If you want to send a mailing list to all your active prospects with an address you may pull the following:


Prospect Primary Contact List

If you want to pull a list of all primary contacts of prospects you can do so:

Contacts of Residents List

If you want to send a monthly newsletter or mailing to all contacts of your residents you can use these filters:

Active Prospects/Contacts who have Toured

Suppose you want to invite all active prospects who have toured into the community. You would use this criteria:

Active Prospects who have Deposited

If you want to pull a list of all prospects who have deposited, choose the following:

Searching for a Zip Code

If are looking for a list of active prospects with a zip code, you can choose the following:

Note: you can remove the "postal code" and pull "has address" and export to search for the postal code in the Excel spreadsheet. 

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