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Watch List

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What is Watch List?

This list shows you the leads you want to keep track of.

How do I setup the Watch List?

NOTE: This setup requires your admin to add the designated field to a form.

  1. Click Admin on the left menu
  2. Click Form Builder 
  3. Click the form you would like to add the Watch List field to. (We recommend the General Information form)
  4. Click Field Library on the right
  5.  Scroll down and locate the Watch List field and drag it to the left hand section
  6. Click Save in the top right

How do I add leads to my Watch List?

  1. Navigate to the profile you would like to add to your Watch List
  2. Under the General Information form (or the form your admin added the Watch List field to), click the Watch List field and change the value to Yes
  3. Click the blue check button  to save your changes

You will now be able to view your Watch List on the dashboard.

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