Basic User Training

Enquire CRM Training

Want to attend one of our weekly CRM trainings? Training is held every Thursday at 10am MT (12pm EST) and you can use the following link to opt-in to receive an email every Monday informing you of that week's training topic!

Check out the video below to watch a basic user training of Enquire CRM!

Enquire CRM - Basic Overview - Dashboard v1

Enquire CRM - Basic Overview - Dashboard v2
Enquire CRM - Basic Overview - Post Acute

Enquire MAP Training (Marketing Automation Platform)

Every Tuesday we will host Virtual Office Hours and the last Thursday of the month will be our basic user training. Please see the information below to for everything you will need to join.


Enquire MAP Virtual Office Hours

Next Training Date: Every Tuesday @ 10am MT (12pm EST)

Virtual Office Hours Link:

Meeting ID: 850 3353 2738

Passcode: enquire

To better serve everyone, please click here to submit your questions for Virtual Office Hours ahead of time.


Enquire MAP Training

Next Training Date: Last Thursday of the Month @ 10am MT (12pm EST)

Monthly Training Link:

Meeting ID: 850 3353 2738

Passcode: enquire

Check out the videos for past Enquire MAP Training!

Enquire MAP - Basic User Training

Enquire MAP - Content Building


Enquire MAP - Campaigns

 Enquire MAP - Web Forms

Enquire MAP - Contact Management

Enquire MAP - Drip Campaigns and Workflows

Enquire MAP - Dynamic Content

Enquire MAP - Call Tracking

Enquire MAP - Event Campaigns


Enquire Reference Guides

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