Merge Duplicate Profiles

Merging profiles is best tackled in steps so you can keep track of your progress as you merge.

We recommend opening the two profiles you would like to merge in two separate tabs or windows in your web browser.


  1. Pull up the profile you would like to KEEP.
  2. Copy down the case number WITHOUT the # in the profile header. Example: DEMO102982 from the screenshot below:
  3. Open the profile you are DISCARDING.
  4. Navigate to the activity section and expand an activity. Click on the For field and in the search bar, paste the Case number from Step 2. Once the search completes, you will see the name of the profile you are merging this activity to. Click on the name and the activity will disappear indicating that it is now merged.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 for each activity that needs to be merged.

Form Fields, Notes, Addresses, and Transactions

  1.  Pull up the profile you are DISCARDING.
  2. Locate any differing form fields, notes, addresses, and transactions that need to be transferred over to the profile you are KEEPING. For fields with drop downs, simply choose the matching drop down value on the profile you are KEEPING. If the field is a text input field, copy the value and paste it in the corresponding field on the profile you are KEEPING.
  3. Repeat for all form fields, notes, addresses, and transactions you would like merged.


  1. If you need to attach any new relationships to the profile you are KEEPING, you can add them as you would any other relationship. Click HERE to see how to add relationships to an existing profile.

Note:Once you have finished merging the profiles, remember to delete or inactivate the one you planned on DISCARDING. Also remember to make sure the Assigned To user is up to date with a current employee at your community.

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