What are Workflows?

The concept here is Do more with less clicks. Workflows are a tool designed to help streamline many daily processes using automation.

Worfklows can be used to create Lead Processing Workflows, Autoresponders, and Drip/Lead Nurturing Campaigns.


How do Workflows work?

Based on the fields within Enquire CRM, there are different things to occur based on actions carried out.  For example: A community team member completes a Move-In activity on a given profile. Workflows can be changed to now indicate the prospect's Lead Score to Move-In, simultaneously changing them from a Prospect to a Resident. This is known as an IF, THEN, AND process.


Common Workflows Within Enquire MAP

IF lead score lost THEN change profile status to Inactive

IF call out activity result is attempt THEN schedule a call out due 2 days later

IF move-in activity is completed THEN change lead score to Move In AND profile type to Resident

IF Tour activity is completed THEN create a follow up call out activity

IF Lead Score is equal to Hot THEN add prospect to Watch List

IF Lead Score is equal to Cold THEN remove prospect from Watch List

IF Created by is equal to Community Website THEN Market Source is equal to Website

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