Gmail Sync setup

 Follow this setup guide to have your Gmail sync with EnquireLEADS.

NOTE: If you or your Systems Administrator have any questions regarding the steps below. Please contact


  1. Your company must use Google Apps, this setup does NOT work for single Gmail Accounts.
  2. EnquireLEADS must be made as a Service Delegate for all users.

Setup Steps:

Enabling Google Apps API

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console (
  2. From the dashboard, go to Security API Reference
  3. Check Enable API Access

Enable EnquireLEADS Access Account

    1. Log in as your Google App Admin (
    2. Navigate to Security Show More Advanced Settings Manage API client access
    3. Authorize EnquireLEADS Calendar scope using the following values:

ClientID/Name: 101994141140576452638



4. Click Authorize

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