Eldermark Integration

Setup and usage in Eldermark

Note: The setup steps and use cases below are specifically for Enquire CRM. Please refer to the attached document titled Eldermark_Marketing_Interface_Enquire.pdf (found in the Attachments section at the bottom of this article) for setup and usage steps in Eldermark. If you have any questions regarding the setup and usage within Eldermark, the following email address and phone number can be used to receive support from the Eldermark team:



The Enquire CRM and Eldermark integration is designed to help your team keep census information, like move ins, move outs, and transfers, between the two systems up to date with ease.


  1. Verify your Care Groups are setup correctly in your Enquire CRM database and that they match your Eldermark care types.
  2. Provide Eldermark with your company's PortalId.
  3. Map your CommunityUnique in Enquire CRM to your Eldermark Company account number + community number (e.g. 10052.500)

    Note: Your community unique name is used by all external integrations (i.e. A Place For Mom, Caring.com, your community web form(s)). Updating this will cause these integrations to stop working. Please reach out to the correct contacts for your integrations prior to updating your community's unique name.

Verifying Inventory

Note: You only need to verify units if you already have inventory setup in Enquire CRM.

You will need to make sure that the Unit/Apartment numbers match between Enquire CRM and Eldermark.

The Unit/Apartment number is what Enquire CRM and Eldermark use to ensure individuals are synced to the correct Apartment/Unit when a Transfer or Move Out occurs.

We recommend exporting the Inventory Report to Excel and using the Unit ID column.unit_id_field.png

Enquire ID

Note: You will only need to manually add the Enquire ID in Eldermark if the individual existed prior to the integration.

In order for individuals to sync back from Eldermark to Enquire, you will need to make sure the Enquire ID matches between both systems. You can find the Enquire ID by viewing the URL for an individual while on their profile:


Once the integration is setup, individuals sent to Eldermark using the send to Eldermark button on a profile in Enquire will populate the Enquire ID field found in Eldermark.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins.  Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at support@enquiresolutions.com for further assistance.


Send a Resident to Eldermark

  1. Navigate to the profile of the individual you would like to sync to Eldermark.
  2. In the upper right of the profile, click the blue button labeled Eldermark.

    Alert: The first and last name of the Resident as well as a Housing Contract with a Move In date is required for an individual to sync to Eldermark.

  3. A blue banner will appear at the top of the profile indicating the individual has been successfully synced to Eldermark.

Fields syncing from Enquire to Eldermark

Below is the list of fields that can sync to Eldermark from Enquire:

  Salutation   First Name*   Last Name*   SSN
  Birthdate   Gender   Care (Individual)   Marital Status
  Ethnicity   Veteran   Language   Current Arrangement
  Move In Date*   Unit Number*   Home Phone   Mobile Phone
  Work Phone   Email

* required to send a Resident to Eldermark

Data syncing from
Eldermark to Enquire

Eldermark can send Housing Contract Data, including Move Out Dates, Transfer Information, and Newly-created Housing Contracts to Enquire, which will automatically update the Housing Contract Data inside the Enquire profile for the Individual.


Eldermark FAQs

I don't see the Resident I sent from Enquire to Eldermark
Make sure the Resident you are sending from Enquire has a First Name, Last Name, and Housing Contract with a Move In Date. These criteria are required for a Resident to successfully send to Eldermark. If any of these are missing, a blue notification in Enquire will appear when clicking the Eldermark button to let you know what's missing.


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