Market Source Spending

What is Market Source Spending?

If you have played around in the Admin section, you may have noticed the Spend field next to each of your Market Sources. This field can be used to track the actual dollar amount spent on each specific Market Source in the list. 

This tool in conjunction with Marketing Budgets are a great way to keep track of marketing efforts and ROI.

Whats the Difference Between Market Source Spend and Marketing Budgets?

Market Source Budgets can be used to track the monthly budget for each Market Source category (Master Type) and Market Source Spend can be used to track the actual amount spent on a specific Market Source.

Adding a Spend Amount to a Market Source

1. Click Admin on the left menu

2. Click Types on the left menu
3. Click into Select Type and choose Market Source from the list of options
4. Next to a Market Source option, click into the  column and input the desired amount.

5. Click Blue check mark button to save.


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