Exchange/Outlook Integration


Impersonation Account

Creating a user for a service account
  1. Sign in to Office 365 using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Office 365 Admin center by clicking the app launcher icon (9 small squares)  in the top left and click Admin.
  3. On the left click Users, then click Active users.
  4. Towards the top of the page, click + Add a user.
  5. Populate the necessary fields and make sure to uncheck the box for Make this user change their password when they first sign in.
Setting up a service account
  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your Office 365 credentials and you will be taken to the Exchange Admin Center.
  3. Click Permissions, then click admin roles.
  4. Click the plus sign  above the table to create a new Role group.
  5. In the new role group pop up, type in a name in the Name field.
  6. Under the Roles section, click the plus sign .
  7. Select ApplicationImpersonation from the list below DISPLAY NAME, click add ->, then click ok.
  8. Under the Members section, click the plus sign .
  9. Select the user that you created initially as a service account to use with Exchange Sync.
  10. Click add -> and then click ok.

You now have a service account that will impersonate other user's mailboxes that your Administrator can configure with Exchange Sync.

User Setup

Once the company server is setup, users can sync their Exchange accounts with EnquireLEADS.

  1. Click Settings at the top left of the left hand menu, and click Email
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Choose your company's server from the Server field. Put your email address in the User name field and your Exchange password in the Password field. Check the Primary? box if you would like this to be your primary email in EnquireLEADS. Check the Sync Calendar? and Sync Email? boxes.


This integration works in the background and is continually syncing when activities are created.

Timed activities

Activities with a start and end time will sync to the calendar in Outlook.

All day activities

Activities marked as All Day will sync to the tasks section in Outlook.


Calendar Troubleshooting

If you are getting a large number of notifications in Outlook when logging activities in EnquireLEADS, try these steps to avoid this from happening.

When logging activities in EnquireLEADS, you have to two options:

  1. Create an activity WITH a specified start and end time
  2. Create an All Day activity WITHOUT a specified start and end time

These two options are very different in regards to how your Outlook or Exchange calendar will handle them once they have synced.

Activities WITH a specified start and end time

If you create an activity with a specified start and end time, your Outlook or Exchange calendar will create a calendar event and notify you per your Outlook or Exchange calendar notification settings (e.g. Remind me 15 minutes before events begin). This will happen regardless of when the activity was created.

Example 1
You just completed a Call Out with John Doe. You navigate to John Doe's profile and create a Call Out activity with a Start and End time of the current time and a Status of Completed.


This will create an event on your Outlook or Exchange calendar once it has finished syncing and notify you immediately because it thinks the event hasn't happened yet.
Example 2
A new lead is entered into your system. You navigate to the new lead profile and create a Call Out activity due 4 hours later.


This will create an event in your Outlook or Exchange calendar once it has finished syncing. It will notify you prior to the event based on your Outlook or Exchange calendar notification settings (e.g. Remind me 15 minutes before events begin).
Activities WITHOUT a specified start and end time (All Day activities)

💡 Not sure how to create an all day activity? Read our Creating Activities help center article.

If you create an activity without a specified start and end time by checking the activity as an All Day activity, your Outlook or Exchange calendar will NOT create a calendar event. Outlook or Exchange will instead create a To-Do list item in your Outlook or Exchange.

Some things to be aware of when creating all day activities:

  • If you create an activity with the All Day check box checked AND a Status of Complete, the activity will NOT show up on your To-Do list in Outlook or Exchange.
  • If you create an activity with the All Day check box checked, but a Status other than Completed, the activity will remain on your To-Do list until it is either Completed or Deleted.
  • Because creating an All Day activity doesn't display a specific start and end time when an activity took place, we suggest noting the time within the description for the activity:

Sync Troubleshooting

If you are having troubles with Syncing your Outlook or Exchange here are some things to try.

    • Check with your Network Administrator to confirm everything has been setup with your company's Exchange Web Services (EWS)
    • Your Network Administrator must authorize your Exchange account to use Exchange Web Services (EWS) with EnquireLEADS.
    • Make sure you are using the correct Exchange Network credentials when setting up your Exchange Sync in EnquireLEADS.

Note: These are NOT your Enquire CRM credentials. Please check with your Network Administrator if you are unsure what your credentials are.

  • A green Syncing icon  indicates Enquire CRM is attempting or is currently syncing your Exchange information. This can take some time so please allow at least 30 minutes for your sync to finish.

Note: Once a sync is initiated, Enquire CRM will attempt to sync four times using your credentials. If it fails, an error will be given indicating the reason for failure (e.g. Invalid Password or Error Syncing) Invalid Password


Can I see activities in the past or future?

The calendar in Enquire will display appointments that have occurred within the last 15 days and scheduled appointments in the next 90 days.

How do recurring events work?
Because the calendar in Enquire displays 90 days in the future, you will be able to see each occurence of a recurring Outlook event up till the 90th day.
Created activities aren't showing on my calendar, why?
This can happen for a few reasons, so make sure the following are correct:
  • When scheduling an activity, make sure that the All Day checkbox isn't checked. Remember: all day activities show in the Tasks section of Outlook.
  • Make sure the start time of the activity is prior to the end time.
  • Updates from Enquire to Outlook are not real time, it can take up to 45 minutes for an activity to appear on your Outlook calendar if created in Enquire.
  • If an activity is cancelled or rescheduled, we recommend deleting the activity/invite from your Outlook calendar and create a new activity in Enquire.
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