Enquire Essentials

✨ If you're coming from our EnquireLEADS Content Packs, read what's new with Enquire Essentials!

Enquire Essentials builds upon our already amazing EnquireLEADS content packs to add even more value. Each Enquire Essentials report contains information about the various parts of your business:

  General Navigation

The buttons along the top of the report will help you take action on your reports:

Full Screen

Expand your reports to take up the full width and height of your display. Press your Escape (ESC) key to leave Full Screen.



Refresh the data you are currently viewing to get the most up to date information.



Print your reports.



Note: If you are viewing these reports after 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time you will need to change date filters to the prior day.

The many filters across Enquire Essentials will allow you to filter your data to see precisely what you are looking for.

Global Filters

Some filters will now be updated across the report. For example; if you pick a Community from the community filter on one page, each subsequent page where that filter is present will update to the same chosen community.

Date Filters

Date filters will come in a variety options with each one allowing you to choose the time frame you need.


Relative Date Filters

Enquire Essentials introduces a new date filter called a Relative Date filter that lets you select a time frame based on days, weeks, months, and even years.


Note: Relative date filtering allows you to choose a time frame from the current date or the calendar dates for Weeks, Months, and Years. For example: If the current day is March 6th and you choose to display the Next 2 Weeks, the date filter will show you dates from 3/6 to 3/19. If you choose to display the Next 2 Weeks (Calendar), the date filter will show you dates from 3/11 to 3/24 (the Calendar option defaults to a week starting Sunday and cannot be changed).

Text Filters

Text filters allow you to filter based on various data points such as: Regions, Communities, Assigned Users, Activity Types, Status/Lead Scores and much more. Most of these text filters will be displayed as drop downs.


Clearing Filters

A small eraser icon will appear above each filter when hovering that will allow you to clear the selected options for that filter.



The newest most exciting feature of Enquire Essentials is drillthrough. Drillthrough allows you to right click on data points in certain visuals and see the individuals that make up the displayed number. Visuals that support drillthrough will have (Drillthrough) in their title.


Once you are finished with the drillthrough page, click the blue "Click here to go back" arrow in the upper left to return to the page you were previously on.

  Since Drillthrough is a relatively new feature we are still evaluating its use cases across Enquire Essentials and where its placement can be most effective.

  Slice Data

Visuals on report pages can interact with each other and even allow you to filter your data just by clicking specific data points.


  Sorting Data

Columns in table visuals will allow you to click and sort your data.

Note: Text columns will be sorted in alphabetical order and numeric or percentage values will be sorted in ascending (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest) order.


  CRM Link

Many reports will contain a direct link to the individual in Enquire CRM. Click this link to open a new web browser window and view the individual's profile.


  Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting helps visualize performance using a gradient of colors.


  Export Data

Each visual can be exported and viewed in Excel. Hover over the visual, click the 3 dots  in the upper right and click Export data.


 Spotlight Data

Many visuals on a page can make it difficult to focus on the one you want, click the 3 dots  in the upper right and click Spotlight. This will bring the specified visual to the foreground and grey out the surrounding visuals.



Hovering over graphs and charts will display a popover containing detailed information about the data in the visual.


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