Enquire Essentials - What's New ✨

Our Enquire Essentials reports include some great updates from our original Content Packs.

General Updates


Global Filters

Some filters have been updated to global filters allowing you to filter one page and have that filter continue across each page of report.

Near Real Time

Near real time updates! No more 2 hour refresh schedules means that you can get the data you need quicker.

New Color Theme

New color theme to match Enquire's recent branding update. This gives visuals and data better visibility.

New Report Names

EnquireLEADS content packs are now called Enquire Essentials!

Naming Updates

Each EnquireLEADS content pack has been updated to a new Essentials name corresponding to the information it displays.

Content Pack   Enquire Essentials
EnquireLEADS Sales Content Pack   Enquire Essentials - Sales
EnquireLEADS Census Content Pack   Enquire Essentials - Census
EnquireLEADS Marketing Content Pack   Enquire Essentials - Marketing
EnquireLEADS Snapshot Content Pack   Enquire Essentials - Snapshots
EnquireLEADS Activity Content Pack   Enquire Essentials - Activity and People

Report Updates

  • You'll notice that some reports contain visuals with Drillthrough in their title. This indicates that you can right click on the values in this table and view the underlying individuals.
  • Some report pages have been consolidated to avoid redundant information across pages. For example; in the Enquire Essentials - Census reports, we have consolidated the Move In and Move Out reports fromthe Content Pack to reduce the confusion that was generated by having this information across multiple pages.
  • Revised visuals will help your team get more values from the data they represent. For example; in the Enquire Essentials - Marketing reports, we have changed the line graph for the Source Trend page to a ribbon chart allowing you to better see the effectiveness of your marketing sources based on the inquiries they generate.
  • The EnquireLEADS Snapshot Content Pack has been trimmed down in Enquire Essentials - Snapshots to become daily and weekly focused. We have added a daily page to help you stay on track and see what you've accomplished for the day.

📧 If you have any questions about these new updates or Enquire Essentials in general, please reach out to us at support@enquiresolutions.com.

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