Alis Integration


Email Enquire Support

You will need to send an email to In your email, please include the names of the community(ies) you would like setup with ALIS.


Send an Individual to ALIS

Alis can accept data from the following fields in Enquire:

  First Name*   Last Name*   Care (individual)*   Address Line 1
  Address Line 2   City   State   Zipcode
  Mobile Phone   Email   Birthdate   Gender
  Current Arrangement   Medical Diagnosis   Ambulation   Primary Contact
  Contact First Name   Contact Last Name   Contact Home Phone   Contact Mobile Phone
  Contact Work Phone   Contact Email   Notes**

*required to send a Resident to Alis

**notes are retrieved after the individual is sent to Alis

  1. Navigate to the profile you would like to send to ALIS.
  2. In the upper right of the profile click the blue button labeled Alis.send_to_ALIS.png
  3. If the individual was sucessfully sent to ALIS you will see the following message:send_to_alis_success.png
  4. If the individual was not successfully sent to ALIS you will see the following message:


I am receiving the Unable to send resident to Alis message

Make sure you included all communities needed in the setup email sent to our Enquire Support team. If you happened to miss a community, send another email to our support team and we'll get the additional communities added to your ALIS integration.

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