Internal Referral Button

The Internal Referral button allows you to quickly send Prospects to other communities in your company. This can be helpful if your community doesn't fit a Prospect's needs, but another community might.

Send a Prospect

  1. Navigate to the profile you would like to send.
  2. In the upper right of the profile, click the blue Send Referral button.
  3. A modal will appear asking you to specify a community to send the Prospect to.
  4. Click Save & Create New.

New Prospect Updates

Once a Prospect is sent to the specified community a few things will happen:

  • Only the General Information form data (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers, Email, etc.), addresses, and relationships will copied.
  • The Market Source for the newly created individual is set to the community that sent the individual.
  • The Prospect will display in the New Leads box of the community's Dashboard with a created user of Internal Referral.

    Note: The profile is created and treated like a new digital lead. This means that the community will need to assign the new Internal Referral to a user at the community for them to be removed from the New Leads box.

  • If the Prospect already exists at the community you are sending them to or you are sent an existing Prospect (this is determined based on a matching email address or phone number), an Internal Referral activity is created for the Prospect.
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