Digital Lead Functionality

Digital Leads are individuals from integrations you have set up with Enquire, for example: A Place For Mom,, and your community's website.

New Leads

The New Leads box on your Dashboard houses leads from your integrations. You can determine the specific integration based on the Created By column found in this box.


Note: Leads will remain in this box until the assigned user is updated to a non-integration user. Typically users would reassign these leads to themselves or a coworker.

Lead Updates

Often times you will receive updates to existing leads in your system from these integrations and web-forms. To ensure high visibility of web-form leads, they will be reassigned back to the web-form/API user and placed back into the New Leads box on your dashboard.

Note: An update will not affect the New Inquiry or New Lead reports even though a new completed activity is created.

Merge Logic

When an update is submitted to an existing individual, a duplicate will not be created. Instead the information will be combined with the existing lead. Leads are merged based on the following criteria:

  • A matching phone number or email address.
  • An Integration Id if the update is from A Place For Mom or

    Note: An integration id is a unique identifier automatically assigned to leads sent from A Place For Mom and

Self Inquiries

If a self inquiry comes from A Place For Mom or another integration, often the name of the Contact and Prospect will match, but all contact information (i.e. Email and Phone numbers) will typically appear under the contact record. This does not count as a double inquiry.

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