Location Tabs and Internal Referral

Location Tabs allow your team to work together and see the lead life cycle at locations other than their own. Your team will also be able to send a lead to another location as they see fit.

Send a Prospect

  1. Navigate to the profile you would like to send.
  2. Along the top of the profile next to the existing tabs, click the grey plus button.
  3. A modal will appear asking you to specify a location to send the Prospect to.
  4. Click Save & Create New.
  5. A new tab will be added with the location you sent the lead to.

Read-Only Profiles

If you click a tab for a location you do not have access to, you will see the following notification letting you know the profile you are viewing is read-only.


Read-only profiles will only have the following information displayed:

  1. Forms and fields
  2. The profile history/timeline
  3. Notes

New Prospect Updates

Once a Prospect is sent to the specified location a few things will happen:

  • Only the General Information form data (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers, Email, etc.), addresses, and relationships will copied.
  • The Market Source for the newly created individual is set to the location that sent the individual.
  • The Prospect will display in the New Leads box of the location's Dashboard with a created user of Internal Referral.

    Note: The profile is created and treated like a new digital lead. This means that the location will need to assign the new Internal Referral to a user at the location for them to be removed from the New Leads box.

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