Services allow you to track short or long term stays in addition to or outside of Housing Contracts. Although they are often medical related, services can be used for a variety options offered by your community. Some examples include transitional levels of care, respite stays, rehabilitation, and even gym memberships.

Setting up services

Adding care/service groups

Unit care groups and service groups share the same field and are updated within the same location so it's a good idea to keep their naming specific.

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Click Types.
    3. From the Select Type drop down, choose Care Group Type.
    4. Enter a name for the service in the Name field.
    5. Select a community for the service from the Community drop down.
    6. Click Add.
Note: Care Group Types are community specific. You will need to add a Service for each community as needed.

Adding/Editing Services

Services will display as a new item on the left hand menu. This is where you will add, edit, and view services.

Add a Service

  1. Click Service.
  2. In the upper right of the page, click the blue New Service button.
  3. Choose a Community, Service Group, enter a Name, and Base Fees and Admissions Fee if needed. Click Save.

Edit a Service

  1. Click Service.
  2. From the list of available services > click the small blue gear icon to the right of the service you would like to edit > click Edit.edit_service.png
  3. Update the service as needed > click Save.
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